Clients & Partners

1791 DELEGΛTES proudly manages The Foundation for Religious Literacy, led by philanthropist H. Bruce McEver. We began by designing the charity’s strategic plan, and then we were invited to implement it. As its development officers, we oversee the quarterly fundraising initiatives for the public charity, growing its philanthropic network. As its civic educators, we develop curricula and public programs to advance the field of religious literacy. Our operational work consists of managing the foundation’s assets and grant programs, as well as overseeing its communications, as illustrated at

To help educators respond to the Coronavirus, 1791 DELEGΛTES is developing in partnership with The Foundation for Religious Literacy. This distance learning platform offers over seventy learning modules to advance the civic competencies of religious literacy and legal literacy. The interdisciplinary curriculum showcases contemporary issues about religion and public life illuminated by the following disciplines: law, history, media, politics, arts, diplomacy, race, human rights, and science.

After 1791 DELEGΛTES lead the design and implementation of the educational initiative for Our goal is to increase the legal literacy and civic engagement of professors, students, and leaders on college campuses throughout the United States. In partnership with Professor Solomon and his editorial board, we research, write, and publish case studies and online modules about the contemporary threats to the First Amendment freedoms of speech, press, assembly, and petition, and related rights that are critical to self-governance.

Strategy • Research • Fundraising • Education

Center for the Study
of Law and Religion

Fundraising and programmatic support to leverage the extraordinary body of scholarship curated by experts by Emory’s Center for the Study of Law and Religion.

Child USA

Strategic planning, prospecting, gift agreements and leadership development to help end child abuse and neglect through enlightened law and social policy informed by evidence-based research.

Institute for Social Policy and Understanding

Curate ISPU’s cutting-edge research about into dynamic online educational modules to promote religious literacy about American Muslims.

Liberty & Security Institute

Curriculum design and strategic planning to establish a Liberty & Security Institute at the University of Washington in partnership with the Institute for Global Engagement.

Loyalty documentary, Kindling Group

Fundraising consultation to director David Washburn and the Kindling Group to complete the documentary, Loyalty, about three Muslim chaplains in the U.S. military.

Fundraising consultation and website development for journalist Liz Kineke, former producer at CBS Religion & Culture.

Muslim Public
Affairs Council

Conducted First Amendment analysis on, organized a community stakeholder meeting about, and drafted a public response to the religious liberty provisions issued by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

National Interfaith
Anti-Bullying Summit

Developed a comprehensive Engagement Campaign for leaders of the American Muslim Health Professionals to execute the National Interfaith Anti-Bullying Summit.

Philadelphia Commons Institute

Strategic planning and fundraising development to support educational programs that cultivate civic dialogue, engaged citizens, and the common good through interdisciplinary research.

Preventing Religious-Based Bullying

In partnership with with Dr. Kate E. Soules, designed a new curriculum to empower Cub Scouts ages 8–10 to prevent religious-based bullying.

Public Religion
Research Institute

Fundraising and governance strategies for the advancement of PRRI’s landmark research at the intersection of religion, values, and public life.

Conceptualized and designed the website and social media campaign for the Religion & Education Consortium with Dr. Michael D. Waggoner and the Religion & Education Collaborative with Dr. Kate E. Soules.

Currently under development, is an online learning platform that allows scholars of law and religion to produce online courses on subjects ranging from legal literacy, religious literacy, and the intersections of religion and education, politics, media, and diplomacy.

Religious Freedom & Business Foundation

Strategic planning, fundraising, and curriculum design for a global educational initiative to cultivate leader’s civic literacy about religion and human rights.

Strategic marketing and website development for SiouxSanna Ramirez-Cruz, an artist, educator, and executive. 

Teaching About Religion documentary

Fundraising consultation to Allison Walsh, the director of a documentary about Mr. John Camardella, a world’s religions teacher who challenges high school students’ assumptions about religion, culture, and society.

Parliament of the World's Religions

Strategic planning, curriculum development, and website design to teach the academic understanding of the Global Ethic in U.S. public schools.

Temple Israel

Programatic development of the public event, The Civics and Morality of U.S. Refugee Policy, the inaugural program of the Abraham Gruber Family Visiting Scholars Program at Temple Israel, Manchester, NH.

Utah 3Rs Project

Fundraising consultation and website development for in support of the revitalization of the 3Rs project (rights, responsibility, respect) in Utah public schools.